Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Earth Vegan Cuisine Restaurant Review

This little restaurant just opened up about a month ago in Pasadena, California. I first noticed it while it was still under construction and knew I just had to go back and try it out once it opened.
Finally got around to trying it today with some close friends. Here are a couple of the things we ordered...

Quesadillas served with Pico de Gallo salsa and Guacamole

Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Nachos topped with Cashew Cheese

Chow Mein


Fried Rice

I really liked all their food. So yummy and they also had a wide selection of healthy drinks, such as carrot juice and green power smoothies. Their prices are a little on the high side, with an entree averaging at about $10.

I know I have a couple readers who live in the Los Angeles area, so I highly suggest to those of you that do, to go try out this place. You won't be disappointed!
And for my Canada readers, there are two Green Earth's there too. One in Toronto and another in Ottawa.

Oh and the best part, Steve-O was sitting across from us also enjoying his lunch. I think he lives in Pasadena because I've spotted him once before at Whole Foods. ( In case you don't know who he is, he's a daredevil who starred on two MTV shows called Jackass and Wild Boyz )


  1. I already wanted to visit this restaurant because several people have indicated to me... Now that I know that maybe i can see steve-o over there, I want more! love jackass, hahaha
    jokes aside, people say the food there is wonderful!
    thanks for the review :)

  2. Haha I know! It was his first time eating there..the waitress said, 'I hope to see you again soon' and I thought 'Me too!' haha : ]

  3. Neat place, Jacklyn. The food looks decent too. I went to a fancy, upscale vegan restaurant the other day. Ack! The food was awful and as expensive as an upscale steak house or something. Weird...
    Anyway, so nice that you have a real place nearby that's delicious and vegan! Oh, and I would totally pay $10 for a good, vegan meal (smile).

  4. Those are beautiful photos of some good looking food. I really love entirely vegan restaurants, and even though I am far away I like to see what restaurants are offering.

  5. Stella - Oh no! That's horrible..nothing worse than paying a lot of money and not being happy with the food. Did you check with Yelp? I usually check to see if the place got good reviews before I try a place that's new to me.
    I am happy I found this place too..$10 really isn't that much if you think about the quality of the food. Well worth it! : ]

    Jessica - Really? That's good to know! I was thinking people far away wouldn't really care about this post. I'll remember to do more restaurant reviews whenever I eat out at a vegan place : ]

  6. Thanks for the great review. I was the restaurant today and I saw Steve-O. Like you, he too was sitting across from me. There was another girl with him though. I wonder if he is a frequent diner of Green Earth.

    -Jeff M.

  7. Jeff - I know it was his first time eating there when I went because I over heard him talking to the waitress. I really do think he lives in Pasadena. Maybe he liked it and will eat there more often..I sure do hope so! : ]

  8. That's a great looking bowl of pho. Also like the idea of cashew cheese. Was Steve O. eating anything daredevilish?