Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Awards

There's been cute posts floating around where people are awarding their fellow bloggers and every time someone gets awarded they must speak a little about themselves. My award was given to me by Rikki Cupcake, who writes an awesome blog called Seitanic Vegan Heathen. She was one of the first blogs I added when I first came on here. I love how she always posts great recipes with step by step pictures. Lately, she's been interviewing other vegans and posting their responses on her blog. I don't know about you, but I love learning about about why other people went vegan and how they feel about it. Such a great spin to your blog Rikki! Thank you for nominating me and I encourage everyone to go follow her blog!

Okay, so the rules of the Blog Awards is to first thank the person who nominated you, which I just did. And then second, share seven things about myself. So here it goes...

1. As you might already know I have one kitty named Taffy. He was a street cat that I used to see wondering my block and one day I decided to go up to him and see if he would let me pet him. And he did! Since then a friendship was born and I now consider him my own. His life has totally transformed...he's gained a little weight and now has only eats the best food. Although he does get mad at me sometimes, I think deep down he loves me back.

2. The only other country that I have traveled to, other than Mexico, is Japan. I am absolutely in love with Japan. Tokyo was one of the cleanest cities I have ever been too. But what was funny was that trash cans were so hard to come across. Japan also has some of the nicest people you will ever met. When asking for directions, people went above and beyond my expectations, Walking me all the way out the building, to the street to help point me in the right direction. Japan is definetly somewhere that I would love to visit again.

3. My favorite show is America's Next Top Model. I've been watching it since I was a senior in high school, seven years ago. It's funny because my boyfriend got into photography four years ago..which turned to specifically fashion photography two years ago...and within the last year has shot two of the top contensents from the show. Funny that the people I used to idolize are now being photographed by my boyfriend.

4. I believe in ghosts. Maybe its because of all the ghost stories my mom claimed happened to her when she was a kid in Mexico. But then even as a young child myself, I used to hear weird noises and footsteps in my house. It was really creepy..I just remember hiding beneath the blankets every night.But then thankfully one day, it all just stopped. I wanna just think it was my imagination but I really don't know. Makes me really think about this whole life after death thing and maybe there really is something on the other side. Sorry I hope I didn't creep anyone out haha

5. I started collecting Uglydolls and other Japanese dolls back in 2005. Im not sure exactly how many I have but I know it's a lot. Sadly, during the past two years, my collecting has stopped. I think it was because I ran out of room to display them all. If they must be kept in storage bins, I really don't feel the urge to buy them anymore. Hopefully, when I have more room, my collection will start up again.

6. I am a total night person. I love how the streets get so empty and the house so quiet late at night. When its possible, I love staying up until 3 am and just drawing or learning something new. If it was possible, I would probably be nocturnal, just like Taffy.

7. Lastly, I love tea...white tea to be exact. It can be 90 degrees outside and I'll still crave a cup. Been drinking tea and coffee since I was really young. Finally gave up coffee last year...which in turn, has increased how many cups of tea I drink. But hey, at least white tea is really healthy.

Now I am suppose to nominate 15 other blogs but instead I am going to nominate all my followers. I would really love to learn more about each of you and this post was really fun to do : ]


  1. I am so glad you did this! I used to think there were ghosts in the house i grew up in, i would hear my name and see weird things all of the time. still spooks me to think of it! I love love love your blog too btw. :)

  2. oh no! good to know im not the only one that grew up with ghosts!

  3. It is very cool knowing those neat things about you! We live in a 110 year-old house and the ghost story didn't help any, lol! I am glad they stopped; sort of goes to show that they were the friendly kind and knew you were probably creeped out. Nice ghosts. Nice.

  4. Oh that's so cool! I would love to live in a very old house. The house I live in currently is a bit over 50 years old. I always wonder about who lived here before and all the events that took place in the house. Even though they might be creepy, I do prefer old houses to new!