Saturday, May 15, 2010


I guess I should start out by introducing myself. My name is Jackie and I live in Southern California with my boyfriend, Lasonic and my Siamese cat, Taffy .

I have been vegan for almost a year now. What made me change my diet was an article I read in a local vegetarian restaurant. It spoke about the horrors that animals endure in factory farms and the effect it will also play on your health. The very next day I gave up meat for good.

Now looking back at my decision, it all makes sense to me. I was not really a fan of meat, even though I grew up eating traditional Mexican cooking regularly. I never truly enjoyed being in the kitchen until I went vegan. Cooking and trying my new creations has really become a passion of mine. I try to cook three new recipes each week. Which in return, has really helped me expand my knowledge on perfecting vegan cooking and incorporating new ingredients that had never existed to me as a non-vegan.

So if you will like to join me on my journey, please feel free. I promise to fill my blog with recipes you never thought could be vegan and plenty of food porn pictures.


  1. My cat's name in Japan is Miffy. It's similar to Taffy. :)

    I have two cats in New York, too.

  2. Hehe Miffy is a cute name. I love Japan, I visited two years ago..beautiful country. New York is great too..sadly never been but I am dying to go! Whats your name on Flickr? I wanna see a picture of your cats : ]

  3. My name on Flickr is *รถ*.
    Here is the link to pics of my cats! They are as beautiful as Taffy. :)

    And I do vegan/vegetarian cooking there and you game me comments!!! :)

  4. What brought you to Japan?
    I am glad you love my mother land! :)
    And you should come to NY too!

    I never been to CA... :(

  5. I went to Japan because I love collecting their toys, like Blythe dolls and Rilakkuma. My boyfriend wanted to go because he is into collecting Japanese Selvaged Denim haha as dumb as that sounds. We both are dying to go back.
    It was so clean there and the people were so nice.

    When we went we both weren't vegan. I wonder if its hard to find a lot of vegan restaurants there.

    I also wish to go to NY. I would think NY is better than California.