Saturday, August 28, 2010

Santa Monica Cat Show

Being a huge cat lover I just had to go check out the cat show happening in Santa Monica, Ca right now. It's going on again tomorrow, if anyone lives in the Los Angeles area. I seriously must have said 'awww' 100 times today. So many cute faces and so many cats in need of a home. Most got adopted and I am hoping that the ones that didn't, will tomorrow.

This cat was my favorite. I think because his little card said he was very scared. Makes me think of my Taffy. If it was possible I would have taken him home but Taffy doesn't get along with any other cats.

and now some of the other cats at the show...ENJOY! : ]


  1. they are precious...I love the white one with the gray spots & the pugsy face...I would of definitely walked out with him. thanks for the info but I am in Ohio...I wish I was closer.

  2. 2nd pic from the top is my fav.

  3. Absolutely beautiful cats!

    But after having worked as a vet nurse,(most) breeders make me sad :(

  4. Beautiful kitties. I feel sorry for the exotic shortair though (with the smooshy face), those cats have so many issues.
    Sadly I have to agree with Mandee about most cat breeders.
    But the kitties... gorgeous!

  5. wow...beautiful! They look so adorable! The first cat!!! I want her!!!

  6. Each cats face is full of character.